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Under Construction Appraisal
July 5th, 2022 11:40 AM
I have had many instances that the clients want to get a construction loan and is in need of an appraisal based on a hypothetical condition that the subject is already built. The appraiser need to get the plans and specifications. Study them carefully. Specifically, pay close attention to architectural drawings. Find out what will be the GLA upon completion, how many bedroom/bathrooms, what kind of view the property will have upon construction, quality of workmanship and type of finishes that the GC will install. Then the appraiser needs to compare the subject with newly built properties. Since my background is of a General Contractor/Sub-contractor (Rough Framing), I usually like the above challenges. 
I hope the above brief guidelines provide some help. Contact me at 818 880-1466 or just drop me an email to if you need more assistance. You can always refer to for further info. Tony 

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